links 1-31-12

Here's a REAL Drug-free School | mothering:
"For 30 years, the Albany Free School has refused to allow its students to take what John Breeding and others so aptly term "biopsychiatric" drugs. A small, independent, inner-city school with 50 students, age two through 14, we see more than our share of youngsters who do not seem to be able to fit into conventional classroom settings. Increasing numbers of "Ritalin refugees," as I call them, are appearing at our doorstep every year."
Essay on the flawed commentary on higher education during 2011 | Inside Higher Ed:
"To kick off the New Year, I decided to devote some attention to the important topic of myth-busting. After coming across Tom Bennett’s excellent post, "The Ten Commandments of Lazy Education Journalism," I felt compelled to compile the following list that addresses a roughly equivalent set of pet peeves from the world of higher ed news." 
Inter-District School Choice: Is the Grass Always Greener in the Suburbs? » New Deal 2.0:
"Additional issues with inter-district school choice include not only the population the programs serve, but also policy implementation issues. First, the programs are often voluntary, meaning that districts can choose to reject incoming transfers. Second, with increased accountability through No Child Left Behind, school districts are often unwilling to potentially compromise their school and district Adequate Yearly Progress by taking in students from other districts. Finally, funding for bus transportation across district boundaries is often not provided, presenting financial problems for low-income parents who want to take advantage of the program."
The Cruel Hoax of “Choice” With Charter Schools | Seattle Education
"There is a cruel hoax being perpetrated upon the most academically needy students in New Orleans. The Louisiana Charter School Law was meant to provide opportunities to At-Risk students by creating innovative schools. In New Orleans, the most At-Risk students have been shut out of what some are calling a great education reform miracle. Recently Sen. Mary Landrieu called for New Orleans schools to serve as a model for education reform across the country. New Orleans schools are not a model that should be replicated across this country, unless we want to replicate trapping students in failing schools so that charter schools can have the appearance of being successful. Our children deserve real Choices and real opportunities to quality education reform."
Longer School Day in Chicago Brings Promise and Questions -
"Melody and the 12 other “pioneer schools” that are starting longer days this year are being closely watched because next year all of Chicago’s public schools will move to a seven-and-a-half-hour day — making Chicago the first major city in recent years to add substantial school time district-wide. The longer day includes 90 minutes of additional instructional time and more time for breaks." 

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