princeton vs prison infographic

A popular infographic making the rounds.  It is important to see how large factories manage people and at what cost. The small social unit called the family is a tiny fly amongst the large groups of people who work together in groups called corporations and government.

The public schools now mostly function as mass institutional pipelines:  the school-to-corporation pipeline does exist with strong private school feeders, and the school-to-prison pipeline, both pipelines are the result of corporate and governmental manipulations of people required to attend schools. The third pipeline is now the school-to-debt pipeline, as college has become the default, encouraged by corporate and governmental hiring practices, financial corporations have seized an opportunity to profit from that. Other corporations also play large roles in establishing these pipelines, or imaginary paths to prosperity. Think: standardized testing. 

There are questions raised by the pop infographic: the US incarcerates more prisoners than any other country followed by fellow Cold War warrior state, Russia, at #2 and the Virgin Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis are  #3 & #4, ahead of Rawanda, what's up there? And who would have guessed that Russia has the highest percentage of population with a [college?] degree? Why do New Hampshire and Vermont stand out in ratio of spending on prisons to higher ed?  Note that the costs are a whole lot higher for prison since so many inmates stay in much longer than 4 years while

Prison vs Princeton
Created by: Public Administration

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