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The global race for a good job combined with neoliberal policies and a financial layer that is overgrown and we wind up with what people are calling a higher education bubble.  It is part of the chase for a school credential that limits who can get it and so ensures access to a better job. Huge numbers of people are in debt trying to buy their way to a good job and health care.

In addition to this complete breakdown of supply and demand, the recent epic fail of economists worldwide to see the largest global financial crisis since 1930 has revealed schooling is not education.  There are clear reasons why these economists were unaware of what we thought they studied and understood or at least were attentively watching.  But it is no surprise to someone who had to find a midwife who was self-taught because my highly-trained and well-schooled doctor has a Caesarean rate of 30% and knows nothing about breastfeeding or nutrition and yet is somehow licensed to deal with pregnant and birthing women.

Schooling is not education.

In fact, we are now seeing the emergence of many side effects of the mass, extended schooling and its associated peer-dependence, groupthink, debt, and acceptance of authoritarian methods.

Higher Education Bubble
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