watching students

Security cameras under review - Half Moon Bay Review : News:  Mass coerced schooling and crowd control.  If schools were community learning centers and families could have real choices, like what classes to take and when, a lot of triage and self-sorting would help stressed communities and families.
"The data suggesting a decrease in campus crime doesn't point to a clean drop in suspensions because lightweight infractions have piled up. The school's tougher stance on smaller infractions like tardies, truancy and defiance in class makes for an overall increased rate of suspensions. (The minor infractions can add up to a suspension.) 
There were, however, fewer suspensions due to major offenses like fighting, drinking, drugs, bullying, stealing and sexual harassment, which administrators attribute to more oversight. These misdeeds carry more lengthy suspensions.
Students rarely fight on campus anymore, likely because of the cameras and the school culture of accountability they create, Streshly explained. Actually, students now venture off campus to fight. Taking it off campus makes little sense, Streshly points out, because administrators are responsible for students during the entire school day, regardless of where they are, something students rarely understand."
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