‪suspension stories‬‏

One from the site:  ‪suspensionstories's Channel‬‏ - YouTube where kids tell their own stories.

From the video:  "We're not criminals, we're students."

Mass coerced schooling makes police a part of education and that is a fundamental misdesign of what should be a public social service for families.  Real school change means understanding how and why children and young people are forced into learning situations where they are graded and sorted and blamed for being themselves.  The taxes families pay fund a system that requires poor families to attend and be told they don't measure up. How can schools be removed from legal action if students attend for 12 years and do not get a good job?

I blog that moving toward voluntary attendance would change all the dynamics in schools and place families and kids at the center instead of being disenfranchised as they are today. I favor a system that upgrades this coercive Victorian relic designed as a literacy factory to a modern social service that focuses on serving the needs of families and kids.
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