quotes on schooling

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologistpublic domain/ Image via WikipediaWhat Einstein, Twain, and Forty Eight Other Creative People Had to Say About Schooling | Psychology Today:  Peter Gray has a collection of quotes up:

Margaret Mead 
  • My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school.
Anne Sullivan (I bow to her.)
  • I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built up on the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must be taught to think.
Alice Duer Miller
  • It is among the commonplaces of education that we often first cut off the living root and then try to replace its natural functions by artificial means. Thus we suppress the child's curiosity and then when he lacks a natural interest in learning he is offered specialcoaching for his scholastic difficulties.
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