career paths that aren't there

Is America's Science Education Gap Caused By Career Planning Fears? - Miller-McCune:
"If the nation truly wants its ablest students to become scientists, Salzman says, it must undertake reforms — but not of the schools. Instead, it must reconstruct a career structure that will once again provide young Americans the reasonable hope that spending their youth preparing to do science will provide a satisfactory career. 
It’s not an education story, it’s a labor market story,” Salzman says. 
No one designed the present system. It just happened,” says Maxine Singer, a former president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (now the Carnegie Institution for Science) and a researcher who, in the late 1950s, became an independent investigator heading her own lab at the National Institutes of Health at the age of 27. Indeed, the current system of funding scientific research arose, essentially by accident, from a set of choices made shortly after World War II."
Lots of stuff works that way in the US where the free-for-all has been running for a long time indeed. There is no plan or scheme for getting jobs to people.

And now, when schools cut back on superfluous things like art to buckle down on science and math, surprise, the starving artist isn't starving anymore:  News: The Myth of the Starving Artist - Inside Higher Ed  
Art for our sake - The Boston Globe

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