cutting tuition down?

The University's Old Main Building in a 1903 p...Public domain image via WikipediaThe Abuse of Higher Education « Times of Texas (right: The Old Main Building at The University of Texas at Austin in 1903. )
From the post:

"A study released this May by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity revealed that of the roughly 4,200 faculty members at the University of Texas-Austin, the 840 most productive teachers taught 57 percent of all student credit hours, while the least productive 840 taught only 2 percent of all student credit hours. For the lower 80 percent of faculty, the average teaching load was 63 students per year.

CCAP reported that if the lower 80 percent of faculty taught just half the load of the top 20 percent – roughly 150 students per year – UT-Austin would save more than a quarter billion dollars per year. That savings would be enough to reduce tuition by more than half."

Study cited is here in PDF:  Faculty Productivity and Costs at The University of Texas at Austin: A Preliminary Analysis by Richard Vedder, Christopher Matgouranis, and Jonathan Rob

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