Truants would lose driver's licenses under Berks County lawmaker's bill - Berks Community Television - Berks County; Reading PA: Citizen Reports:
"Caltagirone said his legislation would remove a $300 fine assessed for truant offenders older than 13 because if they cannot pay the fine they are placed in a youth detention center or jail. 
'While this may seem like tough love, it really does more harm than good,' Caltagirone said. 'Children who skip school are already at risk and need positive guidance. Placing them in detention centers and jail usually leads to them learning criminal tendencies from other offenders and does nothing to encourage the student to change or improve him or herself.' 
Instead, the proposed legislation would suspend the driver's license of any student who has failed to respond to a citation or summons on a truancy charge."
Skills and jobs don't line up. But what to do? | What Went Wrong: The Betrayal of The American Dream
"One way to do that would be through a lifelong learning account, said Steven Gunderson, a former Republican congressman from Wisconsin. 
The worker would put 10 cents an hour into a private account, matched by the employer. The worker could draw on the account to fund training, as needed. Other panelists suggested an overhaul of the current workforce development system, which provides training through public and private institutions, largely paid for through the Workforce Investment Act. 
However it’s funded, the quality and usefulness of job training varies widely. Many workforce development programs don’t grant credentials that are accepted by industry, said Roberts Jones, assistant secretary of labor for employment and training under Reagan and the first President Bush. Recognized certifications “are the empowering tools,” he said. But, Jones said, the idea of standardized credentials has not gained traction at the departments of labor or education."
This idea ties your education to your income. It would not change a system that has no structural check or way to control expanding coursework and costs/fees/tuition, all of which grow to make good jobs for the institution itself.

Programming jobs fall, despite Labor Department's outlook | What Went Wrong: The Betrayal of The American Dream
"From 1990, when Labor made its rosy prediction that programming jobs over the next 15 years would increase at a faster rate than other jobs, the U.S. workforce grew by 24 percent. If the number of programmers had increased at that pace — let alone at the optimistic rate Labor had once projected — there would have been at least 700,000 programmers by 2006. Instead, there were only 435,000. Programmer jobs have continued to decline and were at 427,000 in 2008, the last year for which figures are available. Even that masked the magnitude of the domestic job losses. For among those 427,000 programmers were thousands of H-1B guest workers–foreign nationals brought in by American companies under immigration law to do programming, usually at much lower pay and benefits."
There is no coherent job plan for people who spend private money to get a degree and there never has been.

Mother Facing Jail Time Over Truant Son | NBC Los Angeles
"Long Beach police arrested Emilia Zamora, 43, on Monday because her son, a middle school student, failed to go to school more than ten percent of the time this year. 
'Her response was, 'I tell him to go to school but he does what he wants to do,'' according to Sgt. Rob Gallagher, of the Long Beach Police Dept."
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