Among homeschoolers, you could get a pretty lively discussion going anytime you mentioned the GED: from the GED and the military to diplomas, there was usually a lot of discussion.  Of course, homeschooling is not compulsory schooling where kids have no control over anything.  The GED can be a way to get on with something else.  We could step up and do that all the way along by allowing kids and families to choose what they want to study and when. 

Aligning the GED to College and Career Readiness – Blog 
The New York Department of Education and the sponsors of the General Educational Development program yesterday took an important step in the effort to raise expectations for all students. 
At an alternative education center for youth and adults in Manhattan, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, and Molly Broad, the president of the American Council on Education, which sponsors the GED, announced the start of a pilot program to align expectations for GED program to standards that prepare participants for success in college and careers.
“The GED needs to be more than a substitute for a high school diploma. It needs to be a passport to college and careers,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at the event. “This pilot project will demonstrate ways to ensure that all individuals who pass the GED are prepared to succeed in college and careers.”  The pilot project is building on the state-led effort that has created a common core of standards in math and English. So far, 40 states and the District of Columbia this year have adopted the Common Core standards in math and English. 
Now, New York City is leading the way to make these standards a game-changer for adults in the GED program. The 500,000 adult learners who pass the GED exam every year deserve to know whether they truly are ready to succeed in college and careers. 

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