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Clark Aldrich « Culture Shocks   Clark Aldrich has a podcast up for listening of his talk on Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn.
Education expert Clark Aldrich has explored the practices of homeschoolers and unschoolers (those who eschew the structure or curricula of schools) and distilled a list of 55 ”rules,” that are changing both the way children are taught and our vision for schools in Unschooling Rules.
Clark mentions in the podcast that spreadsheets use a wide variety of math skills and it is very true.  I'll add that Adobe Illustrator has buttons for all 17 forms of symmetry, a prof at a Math Circle I attended pointed out.  A few years back, before everything moved to the cloud, I used a spreadsheet as a textbase and layout program then ported that to the web instead of bothering with high-end software for some simple technical documents that didn't need vector graphics.

Two other math resources we are using:

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