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The School of Continuing Education | Brain Pickings  has a post up with links and intros to one fairly traditional and four DIY online schools.

The DIY platforms are new:  (un) classes whose logline is community powered learningSkillsharing, another community sharing platform and Supercool School  (which also has a blog) as well as School of Everything and their blog.  For that matter, check in at BrainPickings form time to time.

The most traditional in approach is The University of the People which offers tuition-free access to two and four year degrees in Business and Computer Science, and a General Studies section, using a peer-to-peer format and 10-week terms.  It is a non-profit approach that will use a sliding scale according to country of origin that does intend to apply for accreditation in the US in the future. Admissions are closed right now, they open every 2.5 weeks,  but follow at Shai Reshef's blog (where he has a post on why a $10,000 degree is too high as in the future, a student from a wealthy country would pay about $4000 for a full degree when they reach 15,000 students). There are already schools in that range online. 

Homeschoolers should know The University of the People has to certify that a student has received a high school diploma and that is because of the demands of accreditation, as stated in this video clip, which also looks at the technology and sharing side of the program that does not require bandwidth; all is text-based yet global.  Study with people all over the world: 

And their peer-to-peer grading approach which they use that has students do this themselves:

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