but it will never work ...

The Matchmaker - The Boston Globe
So one typical answer to what sounds like the pie-in-the-sky idea of ending compulsory attendance and making our schools service-oriented centers that start asking families and kids what they want and need, one answer is always: but that would be impossible to actually do.  How on earth would you schedule classes that were asked for by so many with so many variations when schools can barely manage a block schedule now?

So it was good to know that there are people and ideas out there who could make it happen.  And this interesting article about Alvin Roth and other economists who actually get into the nitty-gritty of things and make them work, looks like something that would be useful in implementing more advanced scheduling methods for schools where families choose services as much as possible. And after that, the entire city can do the same.

Or swap trading technology could be used and the families and kids themselves could arrange and rearrange their schedules.  Collaborative consumption can help with distributing and enlarging the learning materials used which would enable learners to use materials specific to their needs and learning styles.

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