math stuff

A great post up by less helpful Dan Meyer with a neat GeoEye aerial image of Burning Man 

Art of Problem Solving has The Kitchen Table math book series out for working with younger kids and it looks very good, like their other texts, excellent preparation in problem-solving

Math by Hand offers lovely Waldorf-inspired math kits for grades 1-4

Ten Marks is a new entry into online math, free trial

Math Teachers at Play #30 is up now, a blog festival of posts, nicely organized

A Math Salon, more informal than a math circle, is shown in the charming video up at Math Mama Writes and she has a post about Math Without Words (shown in video)

Imaginary numbers are the topic on In Our Time: Melvyn Bragg and Guests Discuss the History of Ideas -- on the BBC

Ko's Journey is an online story-based math program

Free math curricula for all grade levels from the Bristish Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, Britain


As stated in the Page Count, I am counting pages of math texts, and the book 50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need to Know by Tony Crilly is more concise at less than 200 pp.  An even shorter summary is up here at Steven Coyler's blog.

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