free college?

So Bill Gates says the best college education in five years will be on the web and it will be free (and he is so right about textbooks) though he is pumping money into charter schools, still compulsory.   A free college education on the web would mean the hugely expensive BA in the US, could become affordable, and lots of people could get degrees like the current administration wants us to.
Or maybe not, if Google and Verizon get the two-tiered service they want:
The proposal, however, carves out exceptions for Internet access over cellphone networks, and for potential new services that broadband providers could offer. In a joint blog post, the companies said these could include things like health care monitoring, “advanced educational services, or new entertainment and gaming options.”
Health care, advanced educational services, new entertainment and gaming .... that covers an enormous amount of ground.  
"The plan “creates an Internet for the haves and an Internet for the have-nots,” said Andrew Jay Schwartzman, senior vice president and policy director at the Media Access Project, an advocacy group in Washington and a member, along with Google, of the Open Internet Coalition. “It may make some services unaffordable for consumers and access to those services unavailable to new start-ups.”
Meanwhile, we are mired in an economic depression that is not improving though it takes a long time for elites to get grasp that fact.  And we need more farmers.  And health care not tied to jobs we don't have and not through insurance companies.  And you can always do something else.

I guess I need to start moving the blog from Google, who are doing evil now (and they let Wave die recently after a bare year),  unlike FaceBook.
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