more links 5-15-10

The unschooling examiner summarizes a series of articles on schools by John I. Goodlad

The political semantics of homeschooling by the Kasemans

NY Times putting out a series of articles on aspects of education, the NY Times, as always, excellent at spotting trends.  One of these is Kansas City closes 17 schools.  The system of graded, tested, and sorted factory curricula will run in 17 fewer schools in Kansas City, which is a great opportunity for using these 17 former school buildings for community learning centers. 

Sign your name to help Swedish homeschoolers at Secular Homeschooling's Diary of a Mad Editor Blog

Peter Gray discusses bullying on school Bullying: A Tragic Cost of Forced Schooling and Autocratic School Governance at Psychology Today 

High schools offer gardening at NY Times

New 3D logo for Wikipedia
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