links april 2 2010

A Brazilian couple receive a criminal conviction for homeschooling their children even though the kids were high achievers on conventional tests. It would be hard to believe for the vast majority of people throughout time, that working together as a family would be criminal in the 21st century.

Also at the Learning Freely blog, rare john Holt videos

Farm School discusses recess coaches and socialization in Child's PlayAnother take on the same theme, in Adbusters.

Homeschool Research Notes on the Learning Economy

Here is a typical article about colleges receiving many more applicants for admission and this college makes several public statements about their process. Associate provost David Whalen believes students with higher SAT/ACT scores are better people.  To get these better people, this college chose to advertise and support some not very good people on hate radio shows.  (Hate speech is often used by corporations for high ratings even though hate radio has a genocidal history in the 20th century -- our societies have had a price to pay for this new media and its unexpected psychological impact.)

President Obama signed legislation that would get students a better deal on loans.  It's hard to believe we need more debt in a crisis caused by too much debt.  Perhaps more free education.

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