teachers for social justice

New website Teachers for Social Justice.  Families work hard and need educational resources for their kids: they pay for these.  The punitive public school system carefully preserves class status and its massive centralization ensures the poorest will have the least input. 

2009 Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair HighLights from Teachers for Social Justice on Vimeo.

If they can stop a school closing, then please keep organized and working to:

Stop ranking our children against each other: they all pay and they all deserve equal treatment; it is psychologically damaging and tears apart the social fabric of the school; grades tie tests to curricula and hence to large corporations and remote control outside the community.  Younger kids do fun stuff and older kids choose how to build portfolios for future goals. Homeschoolers have pioneered it.

Stop compulsory attendance and by that action, immediately end the entire prison-like, punitive atmosphere and take police power over families away from school bureaucrats. Schools should be a voluntary social service.  Let kids choose schools (wealthy kids have plenty of choices). Democracy works. Kids and families want a social service; every community needs to build and honor learning to stay alive. And learning is a natural and joyous part of being human.

Demand real food by people cooking -- we need jobs, how about cooks? And a gardner on staff at every school whether it is indoor, rooftop, or a bog. Another job.  Some schools would want a massage therapist instead of a pharmaceutical rep.
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