Links 11/10/09

An article on decentralization focuses on returning authority to the principal and making a school more like a small business than a unit within a large, centrally-run bureacracy.  I write about decentralization and the schools here

An interesting approach allowing parents to decide when a low-performing school needs restructuring.

From a few weeks ago, an NYT article on schoolchildren picking their own books.  This drew a deep response and prompted the talented teacher, Nancy Atwell, to reply.

Claude Levi-Strauss passed away at an advanced age, two obituaries and many appreciations are underway

Interesting article on math and girls and homeschooling as well as schools, interesting questions raised that I hope to post more about will post about soon.

The Nation magazine provides a teaching guide with articles as an outreach to classrooms.

A November Carnival of Unschooling
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