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1884 Wall Street Panic via Wikimedia Commons
From Dollars and Sense: Real World Economics, some progressive resources for teaching economics. Note the Field Guide to the American Economy, articles about bias in texts, and books of actual readings and cases.

From the Post-Autistic Economics Network, toxic texts and approaches that students at major colleges have been protesting for some time. Real world Economics Review is here.

Free lectures: the History of Economic Thought and more at Stephen Keen's DebtWatch. Keen is a Professor at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

High school and college-level resources are here at the Economics Network: lectures, videos, worksheets, online tutorials and more.

Do not miss the standup economist whose website has a link to his open-source introductory economics text and a link to a more in-depth additional text (free).

Annenberg has these video courses: Economics U$A and Inside the Global Economy.

There are many places to study Marx, like this one with online texts and even a Reading Capital study guide.

Goldstein's Low Wage Capitalism is quite current and available here.

I personally recommend Ferdinand Braudel, Civilization and Capitalism, 15th–18th Centuries, 3 vols. (1979) English translation by Siân Reynold. This wikipedia entry gives a brief overview of the books.

Add a good read on corporations, their history and structure. We recently watched the documentary The Corporation. Wikipedia has an entry and a wonderful progressive reading list and articles are over at CitizenWorks.
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