links 8/25/09

An article from the Washington Post's educational columnist Jay Mathews on Three Smart Rules for Home School Regulation (they aren't). 

Interesting: the Dept. of Education has recommendations for continuing learning in a flu outbreak. PDF is here. Schools routinely limit the amount of time attendees can be home ill and in doing so, greatly contribute to antibiotic-resistent diseases.

Discussion of open source online education with hip title How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education and a commentary and expansion on the article Edupunks and Credit Hours: Fumbling Towards a Theory, this last touches on the credit hour measure and denigrates the autodidact:

The "edupunk," as near as I can tell, is the nifty-sounding update of the autodidact. And as with the autodidact, the edupunk is susceptible to some predictable shortfalls: uncorrected blind spots, lack of broader perspective, too-early path dependence.

Test prep entrepreneur Stanley Kaplan dies: an NYT portrait. Kaplan found his calling young as shown by the fact that his algebra teacher often let him teach the class (from article).

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