teens: get that vitamin D

News stories continue to grow about the need for Vitamin D, for teens as well as for the aging and infants. Mike Stone shares his own story and that of his family --- seemingly well-nourished and active kids in Massachusetts who had Vitamin D issues. See the website of Vitamin D for Me.
There is additional information here.

Why is Vitamin D disappearing from the food chain? How can we grow food without vitamins or have kids attend school for 12 years and not know how to read, write and think?  Industrial agriculture has it the wall and industrial schooling, using similar methods, is also not unsustainable.  Both systems remove more nutrients from their ecosystems than they generate or allow to flourish.

I will post this link to some advice for eggs with higher vitamin D content. And I advocate for school change that would allow the innate and natural learning abilities of children to flourish without invasive attempts at manipulation.

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